Find Print Books, Scores, and more in the Library

Use the Library Catalog to locate materials in the library:

  • To search only a specific format (books, CDs, music scores, etc.), select from the first dropdown menu.
  • Perform an All fields search using words such as “jazz history” or Broadway. This will search the entire record of all the items in the catalog, including author, title, and subject areas.
  • Perform a Subject search using a word or words such as “performance art” or symphonies to search for items on a specific topic.
    • Musical genres used as subjects are singular for books about that genre.
      • Subject: symphony for Shostakovich Symphonies and Concertos: An Owner’s Manual by David Hurwitz
    • Musical genres used as subjects are plural when referring to a score of the work itself.
      • Subject: symphonies for London Symphonies: nos. 93-98 by Joseph Haydn
  • Click the Advanced Search link to the right to search for full phrases or choose how words are combined.
    • “All these words” will only return results that include every word you enter.
    • “This exact phrase” is useful when the order of words is important; for example, progressive rock.
    • “These unwanted terms” is where you list words you do not want in your results.
      • Example: I want to research method acting, but am interesting in what actors other than Stanislavski have done. I would type method acting into “This exact phrase” and Stanislavski into “These unwanted terms.”
E-Books are available through the OCC Library Databases. To access them, log into Ocean Connect and click on the tab for Library Services. The link search for e-books (near the top) will open the EBSCOhost eBooks database, which has over 9,000 books on the Arts and Architecture, including more than 2,000 books on music and over 3,000 books on the Performing Arts (they can be browsed by selecting Arts & Architecture from the list of Categories).
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Browse the Shelves
  • If you’d prefer to browse the shelves, most performing arts books are located in these call number ranges:
    • Music: 780-789
    • Drama, Opera, Musical Theatre: 790-792
    • Dance: 790-793
  • For play/theatre scripts, look for these call numbers:
    • American & Canadian: 812
    • English/Old English: 822
      • Shakespeare is found at 822.33
    • German: 832, French: 842, Italian: 852, Spanish/Portuguese: 862, Italic/Latin: 872, Classical Greek: 882
Streaming Music
  • Naxos Music Library (over 2,029,700 tracks of classical music, jazz, world, folk, and Chinese music)
  • NML Jazz (over 100,000 tracks of jazz from more than 9,000 albums)
  • NML World (105,400 tracks from more than 9,550 albums, including the catalogues of Smithsonian Folkways)

Now available through the list of library databases, either on the library page or through Ocean Connect!

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Find Articles
The Library subscribes to several article databases, each suited to different fields and levels of study. If you are away from campus, you will need to access these databases through Ocean Connect. If you are unsure how to do this, please follow these instructions, or ask a member of the Library’s staff for assistance.
Oxford Reference Collection
This trusted reference collection connects you to several relevant texts, including The International Encyclopedia of Dance,The Oxford Companion to Shakespeare, The Oxford Encyclopedia of Theatre and performance, The Grove Book of Operas, and more. Also included are reference books on visual arts and literature, plus many more cross-disciplinary texts.
Oxford Music Online
This database offers users the ability to access and cross-search multiple music reference resources in one location. With over 57,000 articles and more than 6,000 images and musical examples from Grove Music Online as its cornerstone, Oxford Music Online also contains The Oxford Companion to Music, which offers more than 8,000 articles on composers, performers, conductors, instruments and notation, forms and genres, and individual works; and The Oxford Dictionary of Music, 2nd edition, which supplements Grove’s more extensive articles with content geared toward undergraduates and general users. Topics include jazz and opera, plus American and popular music.
Fine Arts & Music Collection
This database offers access to a variety of resources covering the fine and performing arts, including newspaper and magazine articles, reference sources like dictionary and encyclopedia entries, and peer-reviewed articles from academic journals.
Art Full Text
While this database may seem to be for visual artists, it also includes both popular and peer-reviewed articles on theatre, musicals, opera, choreography, film, and television. Of special interest are reviews, which provide a snapshot of the public’s reaction to a particular performance.
Gale Literary Sources (formerly Artemis)
Combining all of Gale’ literature databases, this lets you search primary sources, critical articles, literary and cultural analysis and biographies. Use it to look up information on a certain play or playwright.
Biography in Context
With articles from newspapers, academic journals, and magazines, plus images and audio clips, this resource is great for research on a specific musician, actor, dancer or choreographer.
US Major Dailies
This database provides access to some of the country’s biggest newspapers such as the New York Times, The Washington Post, and the Los Angeles Times. Most newspapers are available up to the most recent edition, and some go as far back as 1980. This resource will provide you with reviews of performing arts productions by companies such as the Metropolitan Opera or the American Ballet Theatre.
New York Times Newspaper (Current or Historical)
Between these two databases you could find current and historical accounts of culturally significant performances.
A collection of over 2 million images from 280 collections images covering art, architecture, fashion and costume, and theater, this database has several browsable Classification groups that may be relevant to your research, such as Drawings and Watercolors; Fashion, Costume and Jewelry; Film, Audio, Video and Digital Art; or Performing Arts (including Performance Art)
Academic Search Premier
This widely used database provides full text access to a very broad range of peer-reviewed articles on topics including arts & literature, computer sciences, engineering, physics, chemistry, language and linguistics, medical sciences, ethnic studies, and many more.
Audio Resources
Library of Congress National Jukebox
Online recordings from the Library of Congress’s collection include songs, instrumental music, and spoken word like poetry recitations and interviews.
The American Folklife Center Online Collections
Part of the Library of Congress, the Folklife Center has made digitally available collections of folk songs, oral histories, and lectures, as well as photographs, memoirs, and diaries.
Smithsonian Folkways Recordings
The nonprofit record label of the Smithsonian Institution, Folkways creates and preserves recordings from a wide range of cultures and peoples, many of which are freely available on their site.
Assocation for Cultural Equity Research Center
The Sound Recordings catalog comprises over 17,400 digital audio files, beginning with Lomax’s first recordings onto (newly invented) tape in 1946 and tracing his career into the 1990s. ACE is custodian of the Alan Lomax Archive, a priceless collection of recorded music, dance, and the spoken word. They practice cultural feedback by freely distributing thousands of recordings, photos, and videos through our website and various social networking outlets, and in partnership with institutional and educational partners.
The Global Jukebox
A free, interactive website with more than 6,000 folk music recordings that were collected by Alan Lomax and now belong to his Association for Cultural Equity, a non-profit dedicated to preserving and marking indigenous art known.
Canzone Italiana
This platform allows users to listen online to the invaluable musical heritage of over a century of Italian song, from 1900 to 2000, created with the objective of bringing this important part of Italian culture to a multi-generational audience.
Audio Archive
Part of the Internet Archive, this resource offers a wide variety of free music and sound in both streaming and downloadable form.
Getty Images Music
High-quality music and audio clips, all with flexible, easy-to-understand usage rights.
Free Music Archive
The Free Music Archvie is an interactive library of legal audio downloads founded by legendary freeform radio station WFMU. These audio downloads are regulated by various Creative Commons licenses.
By way of Creative Commons licensing, Jamendo Music offers free streaming and downloads of more than 500,000 tracks shared by 40,000 artists from other 150 countries all over the world, as well as helping artists make money by licensing their songs for commercial use.
BBC Sound Effects
These 16,016 BBC Sound Effects are made available by the BBC in WAV format to dowmload for use under the terms of the RemArc License. The Sounds Effects are BBC copyright, but they may be used for personal, educational, or research purposes, as detailed in the license.
Mixed Media Resources
Open Music Library
This website is working to build an open network of digital resources for the study of music, including journal articles, scores, and biographical information, plus audio and video. National Libraries from the U.S., France, Poland, Denmark, Spain, and Great Britain have contributed efforts toward this resource.
Library of Congress Recorded Sound Research Center
The Recorded Sound Research Center provides access to the commercial and archival audio holdings of the Library of Congress. The collection dates from 1926 when Victor Records donated over 400 discs to the Library’s Music Division to supplement its print and manuscript holdings, and has grown to include over 2 million items encompassing audio formats from cylinders to CDs.
NYPL: Music Division, Jerome Robbins Dance Division, Billy Rose Theatre Division, Rodgers & Hammerstein Archives of Recorded Sound, Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture Moving Image & Recorded Sounds
The New York Public Library has digitized many of its holdings related to the performing arts. Items available online include music scores, articles, personal writings, and photographs.
Digital Public Library of America
The DPLA brings together 20,596,409 digitized books, images, historic records, and audiovisual materials from libraries, archives, and museums all over the country.
Europeana Collections
Explore 51,581,697 artworks, artifacts, books, videos, and sounds from thousands of European archives, libraries, and museums.
New York Philharmonic Leon Levy Digital Archives
Partially funded by a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities, this online archive includes past concert programs, music scores, images, and business documents.
National Theatre Online Exhibits
This is an online collection of photos, videos, and more from the National Theatre in London.
National Geographic “Geography of Jazz”
A mapped history of jazz created by National Geographic, this resource traces the development of jazz around the world, supplemented by historic photos and video clips.
Philadelphia DANCE
Established in 2005 as a resource and hub for dance related information, advocacy, and service in the greater Philadelphia region, works to expand and develop new audiences for dance through education, marketing, outreach, networking, and use of current technologies. Included on the site are links to Dance Talk Radio, PhiladelphiaDance TV, and The Dance Journal, plus more resources like a job board, forum, and newsletter.
Dance Magazine
The website of the popular print Dance Magazine, this resource contains so much more than magazine articles, including videos, college and career advice, and a performance calendar.
Dance Teacher
Affiliated with the magazine of the same name, this website offers videos, info on health and training, and directories of all things dance!
Pond5 Public Domain Project
Download thousands of historic media files, including video, audio, images, and 3D model files, for your creative projects. All files are made freely available by Pond5 though Creative Commons licensing.
Internet Resources: Scores, Text, Image
Music Treasures Consortium
Hosted by the Library of Congress, the Music Treasures Consortium provides online access to the world’s most valued music manuscripts and print materials, held at the most renowned music archives, in order to further research and scholarship.
Hogan Jazz Archive
This website, hosted by Tulane University, offers photographs, posters, and sheet music relating to the history of New Orleans Jazz.
Black Grooves
Hosted by the Archives of African American Music & Culture (AAAMC) at Indiana University, this review site provides monthly updates on new releases and reissues in all genres, including jazz, blues, hip hop, and R&B, as well as classical music composed or performed by black artists.
IMSLP (International Music Score Library Project)/Petrucci Music Library
This resource contains sheet music and recordings of pieces in the public domain, available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 License.
University of Florida World War I Sheet Music Digital Collection
Over 80 pieces of sheet music from the early 20th century, many on patriotic or wartime themes, have been made freely available online. Items include cover imagery as well as notated music.
Musiclibs was created by the Distributed Digital Music Archives and Libraries Lab at the Schulich School of Music, McGill University as part of the SIMSSA project. It provides a single interface for searching over 65,000 digitized music documents, linking users back to the original source, from institutions like The Internet Archive and Biblithèque Nationale de France.
Sheet Music Consortium
Hosted by UCLA and supported by the Institute of Museum and Library Services, this resource contains digitized sheet music from more than 30 North American colleges, universities, and research libraries.
Loeb Music Library Digital Scores and Libretti
Made possible through grants from the Harvard University Library, this resource contains over 850 items of historical significance.
Library of Congress Albert Schatz Libretto Collection
This collection of 12,000 operatic and 238 oratorio and cantata libretti was purchased by the Library of Congress from German music dealer and musicologist Schatz in 1908 and its now fully available online.
In addition to free music scores, this resource also offers streaming and downloadable music, and music education resources for select instruments.
University of Florida Performing Arts Digital Collection
Digitized historical materials like posters and photographs of stage shows and actors can be found in this collection, which includes subcollections Carteles: Cuban and Mexican Film Posters from the Efraín Barradas Collection and the Ringling Collection, which is comprised of cabinet cards, postcards, and photographs of American and British actors and actresses.
Video Resources

Many works of art available freely online are intended for scholarly purpose only, and should not be downloaded or copied. Please locate each website’s terms and conditions or information on rights and reproduction before using any artworks.

Opera Vision
This site, supported by the European Union’s Creative Europe program, builds on the success of The Opera Platform, with more contributing opera companies from more countries, under the editorial supervision of Opera Europa, the European association of opera companies and festivals. It offers videos of full opera performances as well as trailers and behind the scenes access, plus information on all things opera!
Lincoln Center Videos
Videos on Lincoln Center’s site include clips from concerts, operas, movies, and ballets as well as interviews and livestreams.
Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Videos
This world=renowned orchestra out of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, has made concert videos as well as short documentaries and educational discussions freely available online.
Austin City Limits
The longest running music program in TV history, this PBS show has received the Presidential Medial of the Arts and been recognized by Time Magazine for its influential programming. Since 1974, this show has been showcasing the talents of performers of all genres, and their website includes full episodes, interviews, photos, posters, and more.
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